Hypnotic Spiral Flower Phone Case

Hypnotic Spiral Flower Phone Case

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All of our cases listed are hard plastic except for the rubber cases, LED light up cases or extra protection cases.

The phone case pictured has black sides except for the LED version which will have clear sides.


                                     ABOUT THE CASES

Rubber Cases:

Our rubber cases have hard plastic backs and flexible rubber edges. The edges wrap around the top and bottom of the case completely and also slightly wrap around the front, so you have plenty of coverage. The sides of the case also have grips so your phone doesn't slide out of your hand when using it. 

Extra Protection Cases: 

The extra protection cases are the most durable and protective ones on our site. They are a two piece, heavy duty, hard plastic and rubber mix that completely cover the top, bottom, sides and also has a lip that lines the front. If you are looking for something that is cute and protective, this is the case style you're looking for. 

LED Cases:

Our LED Light Up Cases are made with a power source on the inside of your case so once you put in the button battery (that comes with the case), your case will flash an array of colors from the edges. Since the edges of the case are clear, this makes it easy for the light to be seen when your case is lit up. These cases are not only fun for day-to-day, but are great for using at concerts or music festivals. The lights flash in order of aqua, purple, peach, orange, red and then random flashes of lime green and yellow.  Instructions are included.  

Regular Hard Plastic:

This is the default style that all of our cases come in. Unless the listing option specifically says LED, Rubber or EP; then you will receive a hard plastic case. These cases completely cover the back and sides, but do not cover the bottom or top. 


Each case varies in it’s shape, depending on your phone and where your camera hole is.  Your case may not look exactly like the picture, but the design on the case will.